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Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 20:59:06 -0700
To: qpop@sunni.qualcomm.com
From: Praveen Yaramada <pyaramad@qualcomm.com> (by way of Praveen Yaramada <pyaramad@qualcomm.com>) (by way of Praveen Yaramada <pyaramad@qualcomm.com>)
Subject: Ugadhi Program. [Reminder]
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Ugadhi is a festival of new year in Telugu Calendar. San Diego Telugu
Association is organizing Ugadhi Celebration Program. There would be
cultural programs by our local talents. Please come and enjoy the
program. <br>
<b>Program date :</b> <font color="#000080"><b>April 4, 1998. Time 5.30pm
- 9.30pm. <br>
</font><font color="#000000">Location :</font></b><font color="#000080">
<font color="#000080"><b>Lewis Jr. Middle School, 5170 Greenbrier Avenue,
San Diego, Ph:583-3233</font></b><font color="#000000"> <br>
<b>Directions :</b> </font><font color="#FF0000">From I-5, I-805 or I-15
take I-8 East, on I-8 exit at Waring <br>
Rd and go North. <font color="#FF0000"><u>Pass</u><font color="#FF0000">
the traffic light at Block Buster Video / Taco Bell and then make <br>
left on to Greenbrier Avenue. The school is at the end of the street on
</font><font color="#000000">Dinner would be served between 5:30pm and
6:30pm. <br>
Free for all members, $5 for non-members, children under 10 free.<br>
Please join us with your friends and enjoy the program.<br>
Venkat Yalamoori, Secretary, SANTA. <br>
675-0750 <br>
-----------&lt; <br>

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